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Silicone rubber cushion for card-making laminator is designed and manufactured by our company that is dedicated to supporting the card-making industry according to market demand, suitable for all kinds of bank cards, credit cards and smart card production.
The silicone rubber cushion produced by our company uses two kinds of structure formation, that is KXM4213, two sides silicone rubber with pattern, middle layer fiberglass fabric. KXM4233, two sides felt, middle layer silicone rubber.
KXM4213 (Both sides silicone rubber with pattern, middle fiberglass fabric)
Raw material imported from Germany,high temperature resistant,good elasticity
Heat conducting rapidly, Heat uniformly distributed
Good high pressure resisitance.
Solvent resistant,ageing resistant,corrosion resistant.
KXM4233 (both sides felt,middle silicone rubber)
Raw material can be heat resisitant,high pressure resistant.
Heat conducting rapidly, Heat uniformly distributed
Good water absorptivity, can effectively remove the bubble and watermark of the surface card.
Good buffering,lengthen the lifetime of heating board and laminating board.

Product Parameters

Item KXM4213 KXM4233
Surface material Silicone rubber with pattern Heat resistant felt
Middle material Fiberglass fabric Black silicone rubber
Hardness shore A 55±5 50±5
Tensile strength(N/mm) 80 60
Adhesion(N/mm) 4.5 4.5
Temperature resistance℃  230 200
Color White white

Its characteristics are as follows:
(Double-sided pattern silicone middle glass fiber fabric)
•The product adopts German imported raw materials, high temperature resistance and good flexibility.
• Fast heat conduction and uniform heat distribution can greatly increase the output of the product during the lamination process.
• It has good pressure resistance, no deformation, reliable and durable.
•Helps to eliminate pits and fine grains on the surface and improve product quality.
•Solvent resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and odorless, in line with environmental protection requirements.

•The raw materials of the product can withstand high temperature and pressure, meet the technological requirements of card making and lamination, and are widely used as special card making consumables.
•Fast and uniform heat conduction, improve production efficiency and save energy.
• It has good water absorption performance, can effectively eliminate bubbles and watermarks on the surface of the card, and greatly improve the qualification rate of the product.
• It has good cushioning performance, avoids the scratch marks caused by hard contact between the heating plate and the laminate, and prolongs the service life of the heating plate and the laminate.
•Easy to use, saving replacement man-hours.

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