Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar Laminator

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Silicone rubber sheet for vacuum press

Silicone rubber sheet for vacuum press is designed and manufactured by our company that is dedicated to supporting the vacuum press according to market demand.
Silicone rubber sheet for vacuum press is a key component of vacuum press machine, it will have a direct impact on the film effectiveness and use cost of vacuum press.
Silicone rubber sheet for vacuum press produced by our company uses German imported raw materials, adopts superb production technology and advanced technology equipment, the product has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, high flexibility, non toxic and non polluting, tasteless, and inert surface non-stick material, so it’s the ideal elastic membrane sheet of vacuum press.

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Tensile strength (Mpa)

Tearing strength(N/mm) Hardness(Shore A)

Breaking extensibility




KXM21 6.5 26 60~75 450 Whitetransparent Two sides smooth
KXM22 9.0 32 50~70 650 Greytransparent Two sides smooth

solar silicone membrane is made with high quality silicone rubber on drum-type vulcanizing press or vulcanizing press according to the different request from the buyers. We erba depend on the advanced manage, innovative technique and strict quality control with excellent silicone rubber material and machine, ravel out the problem of lower smooth surface and high thickness tolerance of ROTOCURE vulcanizing machine, and also ravel out the problem of restricted width, length and visible joint on press vulcanizing machine. It is triumphantly without joint and with infinite length under the above mentioned excellence. We have the super-wide drum-type vulcanizing press with 4000mm width and high quality products maximum 3600mm width without joint. High quality silicone rubber with good performance of anti-aging, ozone resistance, heat-resistant, electric insulation, oil resistance, solvent resistance, corrosion resistant, nonpoisonous and tasteless, pollution-free. Working in air, water, oil and other medium at the temperature of -60° C - +260° C(moment maximum 300° C) with the high stability, reliability and surface inactive without sticky. Apply to punch all kinds of rubber seal gasket or special for PVC vacuum laminating press, wooden door vacuum laminating press, glass vacuum laminating press, solar vacuum laminating press, hot laminating press and card laminating press etc.

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